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Meet The Team


Sara (left) is a mummy to three, qualified Doula, community project organizer and SEN advocate.

Alis (right) is mummy to two smalls, a qualified Early Years Teacher and has worked in Education for 17 years. 

Our Story

After many mornings together sipping hot coffees whilst our small babies slept (or not!), Alis and Sara came to the conclusion that there was a real missing piece to the parenting puzzle. Somewhere for young families to go; where babies were safe and toddlers entertained, where you could sit on a comfy sofa or cushion with good coffee, whilst observing and playing with your little ones, somewhere that was welcoming and judgement free...


The conversation of 'We could do this!' cropped up time and time again and eventually a text was sent "So. I'm looking at opportunities to open play cafe!' the reply was almost instant and read 'Ohhhhh. My actual dream!' Roll on 11 months and here we are. Living our dream. Welcoming you and your families to what we were missing!

We knew from day one that we wanted our 'model' to be one of sustainability, and we aim to be eco-conscious in everything we do. Most of our toys and furniture are pre-loved, and we try to source consumables in an environmentally friendly way. We waste as little as possible, and our waste is always disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way we can. We use reusable coffee tumblers for our hot drinks, and reusable beakers for our cold drinks - this helps to keep little hands safe and our space spill free.

We cannot wait to share our vision and our play space with you and your families, we hope you love it as much as we do. 

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