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Group Sessions

Group sessions are run by our wonderful team of external partners and held in our beautiful naturally lit upstairs front room.

Image by Khoa Pham

Baby Massage

The Happy Parents Club

New Course Starts on Thursday 27th June @ 9.00AM

The programme involves many different styles of touch, movement, interaction and communication. You will learn soothing, rhythmic massage for your baby that will help you to learn your baby's communication cues as well as relax them.


Baby Bonding Group

Ubuntu Play Therapy

6 Week Course Starting on Wednesday 4th September

Baby Bonding is a program to support parents of young children to form healthy attachment relationships. It is run by an experienced play therapist and is based on the latest research into attachment.  In each session, parents will be guided through simple, gentle, and playful activities designed to deepen the connection between them and their little one. 

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